Arts & Sciences

  • Competitions and Displays organized by Lady Genevote la Feseresse (Jennifer Barringer),
  • Classes (and those interested in teaching them) should contact Lady Helga Vilhjalmskona (Elza Gekht)

While Hannibal launches his campaign, Rome prepares for their inevitable incursion and prepares to march the legions. Well-deserving of a last taste of home before a long campaign themselves, a Roman street food contest of populous choice is being offered. Make bite-sized Roman street food for all to enjoy, as long as they promise to vote, and display a card with ingredients. Documentation is encouraged.

An A&S open display competition will take place the same morning! The Barcid family’s patron god is none other than Melqart (also known as Hercules), whose myths inspired the famous general throughout life. There will be an open display for items one might find left to inspire favor and victory. We will assume any items not reclaimed by 3 pm as offerings on Hannibal’s behalf. (Bonus points if it is of the same time period as the Second Punic War!)